From Espelkamp and taking on the world

Lake Nona/Espelkamp. Veteran tennis player Ed Sasker is far more than just a sprightly and extremely fit 75 year old. A personal friend and a clubmate of Paul Gauselmann, Sasker plays his tennis: at the very highest level.

tennisWith his current world ranking of third in the over 70 years of age category of the International Tennis Federation, Ed Sasker is presently in the United States contesting the IFT Super Seniors World Team and Individual Championships, being held from 8th to 21st October 2017 at Lake Nona, Florida.

A Dutch national, Ed Sasker is a team member of the AK 70 at the Espelkamper Tennis Association in Germany and, through his social and sporting connections with Paul Gauselmann (himself a successful veteran tennis player) he will carry support from Gauselmann’s Merkur Gaming brand on his trans-Atlantic trip; displaying the famous Merkur Sun emblem as he bids to rise even higher in the ITF’s world rankings.

Proving that sport has no limitations in later years, Ed Sasker will be playing his tennis with joy and determination and he carries with him every best wish from his Espelkamp home club, his friends and family and with the support of the Merkur Sun that, for the past forty years, has been a symbol of good luck in the game. The support of Ed Sasker’s search for tournament success is also a reflection of the community spirit and corporate social responsibility ethos of the Gauselmann Group.