Merkurstar: the key is in the game

Cartagena. The invitations for Merkur Gaming Colombia’s official launch of the Merkurstar cabinet hinted at a very special presentation. It turned out to be not just a special event but a true spectacular: an evening that enticed, enthralled and amazed the gathering of A-list operators that attended.

Before they even had the chance to see Merkurstar for themselves, a group of leading Colombian operators had been royally entertained as they set about solving a series of puzzles that led them to locate the key to a private salon within the Hotel Estelar Grand Playa Manzanillo in the event’s spectacular host city, Cartagena. Inside, the salon’s elegant setting provided a fitting background for Merkurstar and it was soon clear that, indeed, the key is in the game.

All smiles from Mr. Libardo Naranjo (Interplay), Mrs. Mary Luz Carvajal (Carvajal S.A.S) and Mr. Henry Cardona (Nova Entretenimiento) at the Merkurstar official launch in Catagena.

Featuring two 24“ widescreen high definition displays (full HD widescreen monitors) that are further enhanced by brilliant colour effects on the monitor surrounds that compliment the cabinet’s striking overall appearance, Merkurstar has a high performance, multi or single game, enabled technology platform for stress free performance in operation. Compatible with all major online systems, Merkurstar offers easy service access to all its technical components and is heard as well as seen in action thanks to its excellent acoustic and powerful sound projection.
Tomas Mieles, (Director of Sales for Latin America, Merkur Gaming Americas), closed out the launch event by stating: "Merkurstar is a cabinet of the highest ‘Made in Germany’ quality and its performance matches the thrilling games that it hosts. Indeed, as the 40+ visitors that attendedits official launch in Cartagena found out for themselves tonight, truly, the key is in the game."

Based on the overwhelmingly enthusiastic welcome from operators that characterized the launch event, Merkurstar will be a new and bright star in the Colombian gaming sky.