Merkur Gaming: A team for all the Americas

Las Vegas/Espelkamp. One year on from G2E 2015 in Las Vegas, a year during which Merkur Gaming Americas has achieved success on many fronts; most visibly and most effectively in the bringing closer together of its subsidiary companies across the region into a fully cohesive and focused team dedicated to excellence in gaming.

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Merkur’s sun rises in Las Vegas

Mike Halvorson

Las Vegas/Espelkamp. At today’s opening of G2E in Las Vegas, Merkur Gaming Americas announced the creation and establishment of Sunshine Games: a dedicated games development studio with a focus on creating exceptional and entertaining game content. Operating from premises in Las Vegas, Sunshine Games is hitting the ground running, having already assembled an 8 strong team of seasoned game design and development professionals, each of them with extensive credentials and considerable experience in gaming, and further recruitment is ongoing.

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